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  With tenacity and wisdom, VISION has been firmly moving forward on the road of green, environmentally friendly and humane office.

  At present, there are more than 150 invention, utility model, appearance and other patents at home and abroad, and have obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, CQC, ten rings,Greenguard Green Guard and many other certifications.

  In the face of fierce market competition, OPUXIN continues to improve its brand awareness, with better quality, better prices, and better services as its original intention, and continues to provide customers with better quality office furniture.

  We take "Global The well-known office furniture manufacturer "has an unchanging vision of striving, taking continuous improvement of product quality as the starting point, and making every effort to push the enterprise to a new level!"


Language and Elements of Design Expression




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Functionality Reflects Fast Office Efficiency


The Spatial Role of Lighting and Greening




The Embodiment of Healthy Office Work for Employees

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Brand Culture

Sustainable Development

    At OPUXIN, we put environmental protection and sustainability into practice through a variety of methods. At all stages of the production cycle, systems have been implemented for the management and recycling of natural resources and waste, as well as methods that protect the working environment and the health of workers.

    Based on the original production process, we appropriately change the process conditions to achieve optimal control of the process, introduce foreign advanced equipment, optimize the production process, maximize the use of raw materials, and use the dust exhaust filtration system to filter and purify the welding smoke and grinding powder.

    Through the nano-ceramic process, the generated sewage and wastewater will be treated to meet Class II discharge standards.

    At OPUXIN, we incorporate industrial production pollution prevention into the high level of our sustainable development strategy.

Imported Production Equipment

Automation, specialization, and large-scale production brought about by advanced equipment,
Fully reduce energy consumption and space consumption.

  • Electrostatic powder spray booth, automatic spray gun control system

    Swiss brand: GEMA

  • 200kg spot welding robot

    Japanese brand: YASKAWA

  • Polygon fully automatic bending center

    Italian brand: SALVAGNINI

  • Fiber laser pipe cutting machine

    Taiwan brand: SOCO