How to properly inspect office furniture.

For the sake of environmental protection and safety, consumers believe that it is necessary to inspect the office furniture they receive. Because everyone has different understandings of inspection, the methods of furniture inspection are also different. Today, our Shanghai Linyu office furniture manufacturer will reveal to you the correct way to open and inspect office furniture. You can also check whether your method is correct.

1. Inspection of structural safety

        Whether you are dedicated or not, you all know the importance of structure. The structure of office furniture is related to the overall quality and safety. However, many consumers tend to ignore structural inspection, but structural instability often occurs during later use. What office furniture manufacturers want to say is that the structure is a general overview. When observing and inspecting, what is important is the details and the symmetry of the structure. For example, for a board-type desk, we need to use the middle as the baseline to see whether the parts on both sides are completely symmetrical; secondly, It depends on whether the structural lines are smooth, etc., so as to confirm the quality of the desk structure.

2. Inspection of office functions

        Office furniture that does not have good office functions, no matter how beautiful or stylish it is, will lose its meaning and become dull. The strong office function of office furniture is its important output value. Taking the screen workstation as an example, the screen, cable trough, movable cabinet, main frame, etc. are all functional parts. The drawers of the movable cabinet should be solid and firm, and the drawers should be placed on the inside of the drawer. Tighten the screws. Office furniture manufacturers recommend that you open drawers, movable tabletops, cabinet doors and other parts to ensure that each part can be flexible.