What are the misunderstandings in office space planning?

Large, medium and small enterprises are flourishing all over the land of China, so various office spaces have appeared, and errors in office space construction have been constantly exposed. Today, OPTION office furniture manufacturer will sort out the misunderstandings with you. , I hope it can provide you with a little bit of help and inspiration when you are about to decorate your office.

1. The leadership or some people’s taste defines the space style

        If the boss of a modern network technology company asks the purchasing department to buy Chinese classical style furniture to decorate his office, then imagine that the technology company should be simple, technological and modern, but the boss’s management office is incompatible with the overall style and does not conform to the business operation. The classical style of concept and image positioning is bound to make people feel nondescript.

2. Office furniture customization cannot keep up with interior decoration standards

        Our office furniture manufacturers sometimes encounter such a situation. Party A originally made a budget for decoration and furniture configuration, but during the actual decoration process, additional expenditures were incurred due to various factors, and they were unwilling to invest more, so they had to reduce the cost of purchasing furniture. As a result, the office furniture Furniture customization saves time and again, and the material quality requirements for screen workstations, supervisor desks, office chairs and other furniture are lowered. As a result, the quality of the entire set of furniture configurations is inferior.

3. Ignoring the importance of accessories and decorative paintings

        Some companies plan to purchase space decorations at the beginning of the purchase. After all the office configurations are completed, they forget about decorative paintings. The taste of a company can be seen from the details. Office furniture companies recommend spending a little money to carefully Decorate your office and the effect will be beyond your imagination.

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